Backing Tracks with Vocals


In the next set of Open E Tuning Slide Lessons, I decided to create a few tracks that would have vocals in them.

I feel that this would really teach people how to play with a vocalist and become more comfortable practicing their parts with vocals.

The vocals are sung by Clarence Cameron, a former bandmate of mine in Athens, Ga of the band Don’t Know. You can find him on Facebook here under the name Big C and the Velvet Delta.

Here’s me jamming along to one of the tracks I’ve done. I also plan to use this track for some new upcoming blues lessons as well. We’ll see how it pans out.


4 thoughts on “Backing Tracks with Vocals”

  1. John,

    Do you when you will be releasing the new Open E slide videos? I m half way through the 6 DVD set and they are killer!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hey John, we talked a few months ago. Just wanted to say what a small world it is! I jammed at the open blues jam here in Athens at Nowhere bar where Clarence hosted a few months ago. Didn’t know you know him, what a great soulful singer! Best time I had in my life. And your chops are freakin killer! Thanks for the lessons I’ve had so far, it’s catapulted me way beyond I think I could go on both slide and regular guitar!

    Thanks man

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