Weber 10F150-T Speaker Demo


weber-blogI recently purchased a Fender Princeton 1965 reissue amp to use as a smaller alternative to the Vibrolux. I think this amp sounds great, but I definitely wanted to replace the speaker.

The speaker I decided to go with is a:

Weber 10F150-T

Vintage Series Ceramic 10 inch Speaker

* Basket Color – Vintage Green Hotdog
* Dope – Light
* Impedance – 8 Ohms
* Power – 50 watts

At $92.00 I thought this was a great deal from what I had read online about how this is THE speaker when you want to replace the original one in a Princeton. I did try the Eminence Copperhead as well and didn’t like it very much. It produced way too much midrange that was very honky to my ears.

Watch the video below to hear samples of this speaker as well as what the amp sounded like with the original speaker in it, a jensen.


Amp settings with the Weber

Fender Princeton

Amp settings with the original Jensen

Fender 1965 Reissue Princeton

So what do you think? Can you hear a difference? Was it worth the upgrade? Let me know in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “Weber 10F150-T Speaker Demo”

  1. Dude – huge difference! The new speaker sounds so much better – really full, rich sound.

  2. Hi! The weber sounds great! so much better than the original speaker! great video!
    Why made you choose the 50w over the 25w? i am about to buy one and cant decide! Thanks a lot!

  3. I am Loving the Warren DVD’s…. I am curious what is next from you……………………???………..HENDRIX?

  4. New speaker sounds great. However you did have the bass on 5 and reverb on 2 which is a different setting than with the original speaker so that might have had some impact on the sound difference as well but probably not a lot. I too have a 10F150t Weber in my 76 Princeton Reverb. Great speaker IMO. Enjoy your videos, I need to start buying some of the DVDs! Best wishes, Art

    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t think that had much to do with the sound difference honestly. The tonal characteristics of the speaker is completely different.

  5. hate to be a contrarian here—but I greatly prefer the original. I find the Weber too harsh and brittle. The original has a warm balanced tone and though the articulation of individual notes is better on the Weber the harshness is just too pronounced. John

  6. Hey John,

    Yes, speaker overload has a very specific sound, shredy, twangy, lo-fi, etc. It’s a specific sound that may cut through a “mix”, pending “venue” (not the bedroom 🙂

    — I’d do your prefer setup however; and have (it’s why I keep the Head and Speaker Cab separate, for switching out)

    I would have liked to hear the Eminence too –since you went to that trouble, put it up to hear (a good way to use the 8min video too).

    And, yes I agree, preamp overload inside the amp will sound different than stepping on the signal before or after the amp. (I agree too, the Bass roll-off, etc. would not change the overall difference demonstrated here).

    John, I love how you market your lessons like “this” — it’s a great way to simply get a real application overview of what one might sound like after a few months of diligent practice as a “relaxed” player. I still review all the lessons I’ve enjoy from you, for several years now.

    Keep doing “this” application stuff, gigs even?, –coming. It’s more interesting this way.
    Best regards.

  7. Amazing difference with the Weber! I had a 30 watt ceramic Blue Dog in a Traynor YCV-20. as dramatic a difference as you’ve found. I have a 30 watt 12A125 alnico Classic in my Marsh Dlx Reverb clone and love the sound out of it..

  8. I’m sorry but to get an accurate comparison you should leave the settings the same. By changing the settings you have defeated the purpose of the comparison. FACT. Obviously there is a great deal of difference in the speakers anyway but you should have LEFT THE SETTINGS THE SAME.

  9. Great comparison. The difference in tone is very obvious. I too have a new Princeton. I am still breaking in the speaker but I probably will end up replacing it with the Weber, or perhaps a Celestion Blue. I will also replace the reverb 12AX7 with a 12AT7 to get control of the flood of reverb over settings of 2. My last two little tweaks may be the V1 12AX7 Tube with a better quality tube. Then in one year I will replace the power tuber with some quality tubes.

    You do a great job on these vids. Keep it up!

  10. I think your stock Jensen speaker may be a lemon. I have a 65 PRRI with the stock Jensen C10R speaker (it’s brand new – the speaker isn’t even broken in yet) and my amp sounds way better than the “stock” tone in your demo. Listen to other demos of the PRRI on You Tube. They sound really good, too. I think your Jensen speaker may be a dud. I can understand why you wanted to change it.

    My stock 65 PRRI sounds this good:

    The Weber 10F150T is a very nice speaker but I think it changes the fundamental tone of the PR too much. Of course, if it gives you the tone you are seeking then it’s all good. I just think the Jensen (even with its inherent limitations) is part of the PR equation. Same goes for changing the OT or upgrading to a 12″ baffle and speaker. If they give the player the tone he is looking for then it’s all good but the amp isn’t really a Princeton Reverb anymore. The Weber 10F150T just doesn’t seem to have that Fender “sparkle”.

    Your slide playing is outstanding. I really enjoyed the demo.

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