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I’ve been wanting to get that cool Jimi Hendrix rotating speaker sound for a while now but never really looked into what options were available other than the Dunlop Rotovibe. After browsing a few forums and YouTube videos I thought I would try out the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. I specifically needed to get this sound for a few upcoming lessons I have about Jimi Hendrix.

When looking around for demos about this pedal, I really didn’t find one that had the sound I was going for unfortunately, but I thought it would probably be possible due to all the great reviews I read about it.

In this demo video I tried to recreate the sound I was looking for and I bet many other people are looking for as well. That old school Jimi sound heard on Band of Gypsys and the Woodstock performance. Whether I achieved this or not I don’t know but I like the sound of it. To really nail that tone I think you need a Marshall 4×12 cabinet with a 100w head cranked to 10 but I’m not in a position to do that right now and I bet many of you aren’t either.

So I used my Andrews Spectraverb 40 on about 3 and this is the sound I was able to achieve with it.


I have not tested out all the pedals that simulate this sound but I really do like this one and yes it does change the tone but isn’t that the point of a pedal in the first place? I’ll be keeping this one and using it on many future lessons. I did learn that it sounds much better when you run a overdrive pedal before the Micro Vibe in case you were wondering.

You can find this pedal on Amazon here. Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe

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  1. Great video man, love the way you weave in out of rhythm and soloing. This is something I’ve seen rarely taught. I always see a solo lesson on its own, or a rhythm lesson on its own. I’ve been playing for a few years now, and don’t plan on joining a band any time soon. So when I’m entertaining family and friends, I’m on my own. I would love to be able to pick your brain or get a lesson on how you fill up that much space with one guitar. Is it just a 1, 4, 5 your playing. Also what are those cool ass chords your laying down. Awesome Awesome stuff. Thank you

    • Thanks Jason. There’s a lot of steps to take to learn how to do this so first would be my Blues Techniques, then Blues Guitar Method and the Blues Rhythm Course. That will get you part of the way there but there are a couple of courses I haven’t made yet that would allow you to understand what is going on with all this. It’s much more complicated than a I IV V. First step would be to learn all the diatonic chords contained in the major scale. Then it’s a matter or learning some more advanced chord voicings and how they fit together with each other. Hope to finish the courses needed to understand all this by January 2017. Thanks!

  2. Nice demo John

    I got a question
    What Leslie Speaker effect pedal do you like the best?
    I would like one that allows you to control the speed of the rotating speaker
    There are so may pedals its confusing
    I trust your judgment,Thanks
    Dave Doyle /Los Angeles

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