Avatar JTM 45 Clone Demo Review


Avatar JTM 45I’ve always played Fender amps since I can remember. I had one Marshall growing up but I never really did take a liking to it. Recently, I’ve wanted to try out a Marshall again so I set out to see what was out there.

I’ve always like the sound of the JTM 45 when I played it, and it definitely is a different beast then a Fender for sure. After deciding that I wanted to take the plunge and get a Marshall style amp, it seemed like the JTM 45 was what I was looking for. It was modeled after the Bassman and it’s a cleaner sounding amp than the Plexis from what I have noticed. So now it was all about wading through the jungle of clones and the actual Marshall reissue to see what I could find and afford.

After doing a lot of searching online, I discovered the Avatar 45w. I have known of this company for a while now and they produce great guitar cabinets as well as having great deals on guitar speakers, in particular Celestions.

I called up Dave to get his opinion on a cab I wanted to order and ended up talking to him for a while about the Avatar 45w. After talking to him for a bit, I decided to take the plunge and see what this amp was all about. It is also about $1000 cheaper than many of the clones out there so it seemed like a really great deal. At this time I believe they sell for $1095, which is a great deal for a hand wired amp made in the good ol’ USA.

After receiving the amp I tried it out and noticed that it was very versatile, and there could be many tones achieved with this amp, but it would take a little tinkering due to having so many cool options on it. It also has a Master Volume which is really useful and it doesn’t kill the tone that much. Of course the best tone is when you got the amp cranked to get the speakers moving, but it’s so nice to have control over the overall output. Your neighbors will thank you! 🙂

The cabinet I got with the amp can be closed back or open, and after trying it out for a while, I decided that open back was best for the tone I wanted. I’m using Vintage 30 speakers in the cab that give it a real nice blues rock sound.

In addition to the amp, I find that amps sound better with reverb. That’s just the what I like to hear when I’m playing through an amp. I also love the Fender spring reverb, so I ended up purchasing the Fender Reverb Unit as well. While this unit is not cheap, it gives me the sound I want. I’ll also be using this reverb on the EP I’m currently working on. I just don’t really like digital reverb that much it doesn’t seem to have the character that the tubes and spring provide.

If you’re interested in this amp, I would advise visiting Avatar’s website to find out all the specs, or call them up and talk to them. They’re really nice guys.

Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t make a dime off promoting this amp. I’m doing it because I think the amp is a great deal for something that sounds so good, and the people at Avatar are great people to deal with.

Watch the Demo

So that’s a little bit about the amp. You can learn more about this amp at Avatar Speakers.

Avatar JTM 45 57 and R84 Fender Reverb 2 x 12 Cab Avatar 45

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11 thoughts on “Avatar JTM 45 Clone Demo Review”

  1. Hi John Tuggle, I really like your videos and teaching style and will purchase some DVD’s soon. very nice choice of gear with the JTM45, just a difference from Fender. I use an original 1965 JTM45 with an empty Avatar 2×12 cab that I loaded with a pair of original 1968 Celestion G12M 25w speakers. I also use a R.I. 63 Fender Spring Rev. unit, but I also like some Lexicon Delay (Jeff Beck). For smaller spaces I use an Alex’s Attenuator. Here’s a Flickr link to see a photo or you can see it in my Facebook public photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/38jumbo/8329454387/

  2. I spoke with Dave yesterday for an hour about this amp and a speaker combination. What a nice guy! Anyway, thanks for the demo, I think this is going to be my next amp considering that the amp and recommended cabinet/speakers cost less than $2k . It’s $1k less than the JTM 45 clone and cabinet I was considering.

  3. Hi John,

    I love the demo. I thinking hard about getting one of these (or possibly the Avatar 18W head). A couple of things I’m curious about regarding the amp’s versatility:
    1. How bedroom friendly is this amp? Is it easy to dial in a volume suitable for home use? My only other amp with this many watts was a Fender Blues Deluxe, and the volume control was such that it would go from whisper quiet to blaring loud with little in between.
    2. How much clean headroom does it have? If I gigged with it, could I get a clean or semi-clean tone that would keep up with a drummer? I know that’s not really a reason most people would buy such an amp. But I’m curious if it’s possible.

    Many thanks,

  4. John, Thanks for sharing that Avatar 45 video. Can you get a good range of tones from it like a nice Strat bell like tone to
    that great AC/DC crunch. I play in a cover band and need to cover Beatles, Stones, CCR, to Van Halen to Zeppelin. I’m a Fender guy to but its not cutting through the mix enough. Thanks.

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