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Premium Blues and Slide Guitar Lessons

Here you will find all the lessons I have created on learning blues and slide guitar. Almost all the lessons are available in DVD or Download (.mov ) formats. Each lesson contains Videos, PDF Tabs, MP3 Backing Tracks, and Guitar Pro Files. Click Here for My Lesson Guide.

  • master-blues-12-dvd

    Master the Blues 5 DVD Bundle

    This 5 DVD Master the Blues Bundle includes the Blues Guitar Method 2 DVD, Slow Blues Guitar Solo DVD, and the Blues Techniques 2 DVD Courses. 11 Hours of video guitar lessons with 56 pages of PDF tabs and over 40 backing tracks and Guitar Pro files. 5 DVDs | 11 Hours

  • blues-primer-bundle

    Blues Primer 4 DVD Bundle

    This 4 DVD Bundle includes the Blues Techniques 2 DVD Course and the Blues Guitar Method 2 DVD. Learn the “How” and the “Why” to start playing pro level blues guitar. 4 DVDs | 9 Hours

  • Blues Guitar Method

    Blues Guitar Method

    Learn “What to Play” in my Blues Guitar Method. Never know what to play over a 12 bar blues? This Course will teach you exactly how to start playing and improvising over a slow blues. 2 DVDs | 4.6 Hours

  • blues-techniques

    Blues Techniques DVD Course

    Learn how to get the best tone out of your left and right hands, as well as MUST KNOW techniques to play blues like SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter and more using my tested and proven techniques. 2 DVDs | 4.3 Hours

  • master-open-e-tuning

    Master Open E Tuning 7 DVD Bundle

    This Open E Tuning DVD Bundle includes the Open E Tuning Slide 4 DVD, Slidn the Blues 2 DVD, and the Open E Tuning Slow Blues Solo Courses with 60 pages of PDF Tabs, over 40 backing tracks, and Guitar Pro Files. 7 DVDs | 16 hours

  • play-like

    Play Like Series 9 DVD Bundle

    Includes the Play Like Warren Haynes 3 DVD, Play Like Dickey Betts 3 DVD, Play Like BB King, and the Play Like Eric Clapton 2 DVD Courses. 9 DVDs | 18 Hours

  • Slow-Blues-Solo-DVD

    Slow Blues Guitar Solo Lesson

    In this lesson you will learn how to play a complete 4 minute and 23 second blues guitar solo. This solo is in the style of myself and BB King. Comes with 13 pages of tabs and 1 backing track. 1 DVD | 1 Hour 55 Min

  • Everything Bundle

    All 28 DVDs 2014

    28 DVDs | 52 Hours | 280 Pages of Tabs | 50 Backing Tracks

    This is my entire collection of DVDs I have created on learning Blues Guitar and Slide Guitar. You'll learn how to play like Clapton, Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, Robert Johnson, SRV, BB King and much more. Includes 28 DVDs with 280 pages of tabs, Over 50 Hours of lessons and over 50 backing tracks.

  • Everything Bundle

    Master Slide Guitar 11 DVD Bundle

    Includes the Open E Tuning 4 DVD Course, Open G 4 DVD Course, and the Standard Tuning Slide Guitar 3 DVD Courses. 11 DVDs | 20 Hours

  • open-e-slide-course

    Open E Tuning Slide 4 DVD Course

    Learn how to play Duane Allman and Derek Trucks style slide guitar in Open E Tuning. This Course will teach you exactly how to “Clean Up” your slide guitar sound and improvise your way through the blues. 7.5 Hours | 4 DVDs

  • standard-slide-course

    Standard Tuning Slide 3 DVD Course

    Learn detailed techniques that will take the mystery out of playing slide guitar in standard tuning. These lessons are in the style of playing like Warren Haynes and more. 3 DVDs | 5 Hours

  • open-g-course

    Open G Tuning Slide 4 DVD Course

    Learn slide guitar and more in Open G Tuning like Ry Cooder, Robert Johnson, Lowell George and others in this 4 DVD guitar course with tabs and backing tracks. 4 DVDs | 6.2 Hours

  • clapton-course

    Play Like Clapton 2 DVD Course

    In this 2 DVD Course you will learn 53 licks in the style of Clapton as well as his vibrato style, 3 Exercises, and Eric Clapton Mannerisms that make his sound unique. 4.5 Hours | 2 DVDs

  • Dickey-Betts

    Play Like Dickey Betts 3 DVD Course

    This 3 DVD Course will teach you how to solo like Dickey Betts over Whipping Post, Liz Reed, Blue Sky, and Jessica. Learn concepts and techniques to sound just like Dickey! 3 DVDs | 5.2 Hours

  • slidn-the-blues

    Slidn’ the Blues Open E Tuning 2 DVD Set

    In this 2 DVD set I want to show you new right hand techniques, a strength building exercise, Rhythm guitar in Open E, and how to play the full song I wrote entitled Movin’ On. 2 DVDs | 3.75 hours

  • warren-course

    Play Like Warren Haynes 3 DVD Course

    The Play Like Warren Haynes Course is available in DVD or Download Versions. Complete with 30 pages of PDF tabs, and 3 backing tracks. 3 DVDs | 6 Hours

  • open-e-solo

    Open E Tuning Slide Guitar Solo

    In this DVD, you will learn how to play a complete open e tuning slide guitar solo over a slow blues. This solo is my own creation in the style of Derek Trucks and Duane Allman. Includes Tabs and Backing tracks.

  • BB-King

    Play Like BB King Course

    In this DVD, you will learn how to play like BB King by learning licks, scales, patterns, his vibrato techniques and more. This 2 Hour and 12 Minute Lesson includes PDF tabs and backing tracks. 1 DVD | 2.2 Hours