If you want to learn slide guitar in standard tuning like Warren Haynes, then the 2 DVD set of slide blues guitar lessons I have been working on may be for you. I’ve got about 3 hours of HD shot video in this 2 DVD slide guitar lessons package.

This DVD will cover:

  • Intervals
  • Open G String licks
  • Exercises
  • How to play One Way Out in Standard Tuning
  • How to solo like Warren in Blue Sky
  • More licks!
  • Statesboro Blues Intro in Standard Tuning
  • Slow Blues Solo
  • About 13 pages of tab
  • 3 Backing Tracks

Be sure to make a comment below about your experience with Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning. I want to hear from you!

Premium Blues Lessons

Learning how to play passionate blues guitar from the soul is not really easy. And how does one even play from the soul? I have definitely been there.

Let me show you how I learned how to play soulful blues guitar in the style of Clapton, BB King, Allman, and more with my complete courses on how to master blues and slide.

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